Agrotourism is a new form of tourism, with the tourist participating in several events organized by a village, in which the tourist has decided to stay for a while.

There are some certain prerequisites for agrotourism to succeed. These prerequisites are already set in Polystipos, such as accommodation.

There is “EVRIDIKIS HOUSE” located in the centre of the village with two apartments in the style of an old village mansion with all facilities. It has nice balconies with a magnificent view, and despite the fact that it is central, it offers peace and quiet. It is a real gem for the community. Even though the owner lives in Nicosia, all interested can reach her by calling at 99557643 or 22377569.

 There are two shops at the village, a combination of a grocery store and a kiosk, two gas stations, a Bank. The visitor can enjoy a coffee, a refreshment drink or a beer at Mrs. Stavroullas coffee-shop, as well as traditional treats such as walnut sweets are offered. What is more, enjoy the view from a lovely place decorated with hortensias. Visitors can also discuss several topics with locals having their coffee. One can also visit the Orthodox Church dedicated to Saint Nicolaos, that has Mass every Sunday from 7 to 10 a.m.

At “PANTHEON” restaurant, situated within the Community Park near “Laouda” area, next to the road leading to the neighboring village of Alona, and that operates on weekends and weekly during July and August, the visitor can enjoy a coffee or a great lunch with local or Cypriot dishes. Here you will experience the real local wines of Polystipos and the local meze. What is most appealing are the local chiromeri, lountza, sausages and many more.

It would be an omission not to mention that on weekends you can taste loukoumades with Cypriot or Greek ouzo and genuine “mahalepi” at “Klimataria” restaurant, owned by Mr. Phedias Polydorou, especially during summer.

Additionally, you can have a coffee at the small coffee-shop owned by Mr. Stavros or at the Club-house of the Sports’ Association.

Finally, if you wish to enjoy the paradisiacal environment of Polystipos you can have a look at the chart situated at the centre of the village or at the entrance of the village on the left side of the road when you come from Nicosia, and find a route suitable for you to walk.

Your stay in Polystipos, even if it is only for a few days, will help you relax no matter the season you visit the village.

We look forward to seeing you.