Various cultural events / activities are organised annually in the Community of Polystypos, throughout almost all of the season. These events aim at the preservation of tradition and the cultural heritage, at the revival of old customs that today are almost extinct, at bringing the people in contact with nature and their harmonious co-existence, at developing and strengthening the communication and the relations between the inhabitants of the community as well as its friends, and also at entertaining the inhabitants and the friends of the community.

Here we mention in brief the main events as well as the involved organised groups that set them up.

February or March (Lent)
Traditional games, disguises, and -at night - a carnival ball at the house of the Youth Centre of Polystypos.

April (Passion Week - Easter - Easter Monday)
Palm Sunday

Cleaning and attending the Community's Holy Churches.
Good Friday
Decorating the Epitaph, Procession of the Epitaph, Epitaph's Lament
Holy Saturday
The celebratory service of the resurrection and a Bonfire in the Church's yard.
Easter Sunday
• Games at the village's crossroads (Donkey-races, Sack races, Egg-on-a-spoon race, "Ziziros" (a type of Easter Game), "Ligkri" (a kind of batting game), Volleyball).
• Slides' projection that have Polystypos as their theme.
• The "burning of Judas".
• Eating and drinking until the morning hours around the fire and a night of music played my members of the community in a friendly style.
Easter Monday, a "breakfast of Love" in the Church's yard and then some sports activities (Soccer games, etc.)

Organisers: "Horizons of Polystypos" Society, Youth Centre of Polystypos, National Association of the Heroes "Christos Tsiartas and Andreas Panagiotou".

May -- (2nd Sunday of May)
Mother's Day in the yard of the Holy Church of St Nicholas

Organisers: Youth Centre of Polystypos.

Environmental Walk (Madari, "Tishia" of Madari, "Doksa si o Theos", the Hideouts of E.O.K.A., Hazel-grove of Polystypos, etc.).
Every year a new selection is made amongst the Nature Trails located in our village or in the nearby region, such as the mountain range of Madari. A unique experience of coming in contact with nature, becoming acquainted with the fauna and flora of our land, exercising, and having a brief escape from the stress of everyday living.

Organisers: "Horizons of Polystypos" and Youth Centre of Polystypos.

August (2nd & 3rd week)
Cultural August with a stack of events.
• Cultural Event with social, political, religious, and historical themes. Its purpose is to inform the inhabitants regarding issues that concern them, to present previous and current activities of our social life, the remembrance of past events with an historical significance, the acquaintance with our rich Religious and Byzantine Tradition, the revival of old customs, the preservation of our cultural heritage, entertainment, and the developing of communication and the tightening of bonds between the people.
• A Theatrical Performance.
• A Night of Music.
• A Night for the Youths.
• A Day for the Child (Painting, games, puppet-show, etc).
• Contests with board-games (backgammon, Contract Belote, billiard…)
• Communal blood-donation.
• One or two environmental walks.

Organisers: Community of Polystypos, "Horizons of Polystypos" Society, and Youth Centre of Polystypos.

15th of August
Hazel Festival

A night of entertainment (Live music, Dancing until the morning, plenty and delicious dishes, plenty of wine, Zivania (strong, transparent, alcoholic beverage), and many-many hazelnuts.
An artistic program with the dancing group of the "Horizons of Polystypos" Society (e.g. "a Tribute to Greek Cinematography", "Tribute to the Music of the 50's - Retro", Traditional Cypriot Dances, etc).

Organisers: "Horizons of Polystypos" Society.

October -- November (Vine-harvest Season)
Cultural event "Madari, Mother Earth"
Dedicated to "Madari" (2nd highest mountaintop of Cyprus) and the collective celebration of Harvest-time.
The events includes the following:
• A Folklore Exhibition, old items related to harvest.
• An Exhibition of Photographs that have the vines of Madari and the celebrations of Harvest-time as their theme.
• Slides' projection.
• On the spot making of "ppalouze" (must jelly) and "siousioukos" (must sticks with almonds).
• On the spot distillation of Zivania.
• Traditional music of Cyprus with Cypriot folk musicians and singers (such as the band of Michalis Terlikkas and others).
• Traditional Cypriot dances and the dance group of the "Horizons of Polystypos" Society.
• An offer to all the attendees of dry fruits / nuts and other local dishes (Hazelnuts, Almonds, Walnuts, Raisins, Wine, Zivania, Hot "Ppalouze", etc).
Entrance is Free.

Organisers: "Horizons of Polystypos" Society and the Youth Centre of Polystypos.

25th of December
Christmas Celebration

Revival of the Elementary School's ball, the school not operating since 1991.
The event has an air relevant to the warmth and love that the blessed day of Christmas gives to us. It addresses mainly the children and has the character of a school event. Many songs, poems, a short theatrical performance or a puppet-show, and Santa Claus giving small gifts to the children attending. In the evening, this is followed by a march with children and grown-ups singing Christmas Carols to the people in every house of the village.

Organisers: "Horizons of Polystypos" Society and the Youth Centre of Polystypos.

Regarding these annual events -and also for all those not mentioned above but may take place -you can find details (date, time, venue, description of event) in the "Calendar of Events" web-page.