Near Getaway's

Since you had come from the city, then don’t lose the occasion to live for a few hours, a unique experience, enjoying the clean air and a walk, discovering the magic of nature.

1. Hazel Trees Valley –Hazel Trees Forest

This beautiful valley becomes green at the beginning of April and maintains its color up to autumn. In May you have the occasion to hear the singing of the nightingales and in August to try the tasty fresh hazelnuts.

The path for the hazel trees forest begins from "Vrysi" – a natural water source with pure water at the lower neighborhood of the village. The path goes downhill and you can see various species of trees such as walnut trees, pomegranates, and almond trees. However the hazel trees are fantastic. The vegetation of these trees is dense and look like bushes because they do not have only one trunk but they have up to 50 branches beginning from the ground.

Butterflies and small birds make the way even more beautiful. Undeniably the most important type of flora is the orchid Epipactis Microphylla, that blooms only next to the roots of a hazel tree. An endemic type for Cyprus that is not met elsewhere. This orchid has small white flowers that pop up at the beginning of every May. The path has duration of 35-40 minutes. You can cross a small stream and pass opposite, where the choices become two. Either you continue the course in the valley or you stop under the "Kladous tou Hadjimattheou". Two very old enormous oak trees that embellish the region throughout the entire year. Then you can take the uphill rural street that drives you to the monastery of Apostle Andrea and to the main asphalt street that drives you to Nicosia.

2. Ěádari

The absolute calm and peacefulness, the banquet of the colors of autumn ? yellow, red, orange and brown, the white veils of winter, the green ornaments of spring, as well as the huge "Teisia", have changed Madari into a paradise.

It's an ideal place for romantic walks, study of flora and fauna, mountaineering, walking and much more.

Begin from the upper neighborhood of the village and take the uphill street for Lagoudera, Agros and Kyperounta. With a car in 5 minutes you will be at the borders of Nicosia-Limassol where you will see a relative plate and turn right to the uphill asphalt street. You will travel for another 5 minutes and the street will finish at an abandoned military outpost.

Park your car there and start walking. You will believe that you are at the top of the Earth. With a clean sky you can observe the entire Nicosia and Limassol. The immense peacefulness you carry you away and when you see the "Teisia of Madari" (natural stone walls) you will realize that nature is the best sculptor and architect of all the seasons. If you have time walk at the path of "Teisia", (where it exists a relative plate), that goes perimetrically and finishes under the fire guardhouse that is found at an altitude of 1493 meters. In the course you will see "Latzies" (forest tree) that abounds in the region, "antrouklies", "pemperisies", "wild roses" and the "Aorato of Madari", one of the 4 types that exist in Cyprus and that exists only in the Madari region. If you still bear after 1,5 hours of walking, go up to the fire guardhouse. The view will compensate you. You will never see in your life anything similar. With very good weather and little luck, without humidity and clouds, perhaps you will be able to see everything up to the southern beach of Turkey.

Return in your car from the rural street that passes above the path (10 minutes on foot) and return to the village or take the street for Limassol.

Every autumn the thousands vines of Madari, are submerged by the presumptive lovers, that participate in the collective festival of vintage, enjoying the tasty grapes, that are considered the best table Cypriot grapes.

3. Virgin Mary of Araka

Four kilometers from the village of Polystipos, in the village of Lagoudera, it is found the church of Virgin Mary of Araka. This temple belongs in the architectural type of single sloped temples with cupola and it was built in the dues of 12th century. The church murals were created in 1192 and has the most even line of murals mainly of the Byzantine period. You will admire God that will look at you with a great sympathy and will make you feel an immense peacefulness, it will make you feel contrition in front of the scene of Birth and the Assumption of Virgin Mary, but really you will remain rapturous in front of the Resumption. The monastery of Virgin Mary of Araka is included in the ten Byzantine monuments of Cyprus that belong in the World Heritage (UNESCO).

4. Ayiasmati Cross (Stavros tou Ayiasmati)

A monument that is included in the list of the World Heritage (UNESCO) and is not far away from the village of Polystipos. The church of Ayiasmati Cross is built in an amazing beautiful mountainous landscape near the village Platanistasa and it is found ten kilometers from the Polystipos.

This church belongs to the architectural type of wooden roofed temples and it was built in 1494. It is famous for having the most even line of murals of the 15th century.

Its murals' technique belongs to the Cypriot faculty that is characterized by the gullible attribution of the figures, effervescent colors and the rich jewels.