Heroes Monuments

Leaving Polystipos and heading towards Alona, rests PANTHEON Community Park near “Laouda” area. The park attracts many visitors as it overlooks Polystipos with its small houses built amphitheatrically on the slopes covered in vineyards as well as the forest areas surrounding the village, the green vineyards and the fields with almond trees. The visitor can also see the melancholic mountain of Pentadaktylos, the yellow field and they Cypriot capital.

The name Pantheon is in this case justified, as one can see and enjoy everything from this point. Enjoy the green view, the singing of the nightingale, of the “rustle” of the running water in the creeks of the valleys cultivated with fruit-bearing trees.

Here, next to the playground, the love of the people of Polystipos and of the expatriates’ has helped build a monument to honor two heroes from Polystipos that died during the Liberation Struggle 1955-1959, namely Christos Tsiartas and Andreas Panayiotou. This monument was built to honor them since they gave their lives, their most precious asset for Freedom. The statues of the two men that are the main part of the monument send out the message to all visitors that there are immortal values worth fighting for, for all Greeks that are responsible and honorable citizens, such as Freedom and dignity to offer ones life is necessary for the protection of these ideals.

The love of Polystipos inhabitants and expatriates’ towards our missing persons of 1974 and their families has us all waiting for 33 years to learn about what happened to our four missing lads.
Andreas Argyrou, Panayiotis Pavlou, Loizos Sokratous and Renos Ch. Hadjiloizou.

Polystipos anticipates hearing news about the four young men from the Investigation Committee, so as to honor them accordingly for their sacrifice, for their will to fight against the Turks for their country in 1974. Next to the heroic figures of 1955-1959 another holy monument will stand, the monument honoring the 4 men from Polystipos that have been missing since 1974, sending out the exact same message that: “Freedom requires virtue and boldness”.

P.S: The monument honoring Christos Tsiartas and Andreas Panayiotou was built in 1993 by the Expartiates’ Association of Polystipos. The statues were created by the Cypriot artist A. Savvides.

The revelation of the monument was made by the former president of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr. Glafkos Klerides in September 1997.