How you get there

A. Coming From Nicosia

Coming from Anthoupoli you will pass outside from the Grammar School and you will go towards the villages Arediou, Klirou (at the street Nicosia Ė Palaichori). Immediately after the villages Arediou and Klirou you will turn right at the cross roads of Arediou-Klirou-Agios Ioannis-Agrokipia with direction towards Agrokipia.After you reach Agrokipia you will go straight until you reach the village of Mitsero. Continue moving in a straight way, you will reach a "T " junction and you will turn left. You will pass outside from the Forest Station "Panagia" and roughly after an 8-minute course you will turn right for Alithinou, Leivadia and finally Polystipos.

At all the points where your course changes there are relative informative plates. From Anthoupoli up to the village of Polystipos you will need 35-40 minutes driving with a normal speed.

B. Coming From Limassol

Begin from the round about that drives you to Troodos and drive uphill in a straight way towards the villages of Alassa, Laneia and Saittas. Turn right at the point that there is a plate reporting Kyperounta, Kato Amiantos at the crossroads of Pera Pedi, Moniatis and Amiantos. Moving in a straight way you will meet Amiantos. Continue your course until you reach the crossroad of Karvounas. You will turn right towards Kyperounta. Visit Kyperounta, Chandria and its square (Lenas' statue) and then turn left at the relative plate. You will follow an ascendant course to the top where the borders of Nicosia-Limassol are found (under the top of Madari region). There it deserves to make a stop in order to admire the magic view. The street then goes downhill and the first village that you will meet is the village of Polystipos.


C. Coming From Paphos

Starting your journey from Konia roundabout, head towards Limassol. At a distance of ten kilometers rests the roundabout of Mandria. Enter Paphos-Limassol old road and head towards Kouklia. At a distance of four kilometers turn lest and head towards Agios Nicolaos. On your way to the village of Agios Nicolaos you will reach the villages of† Souskou, Phasoula, Mamonia, Agios Georgios, Kidasi, Kedares. You will reach Mandria (Limassol) after having passed through Agios Nicolaos. Keep straight until Mandria-Platres highway and when you enter the highway turn right towards Pera Pedi. When you reach Sayttas crossroad, keep straight towards Amiantos until you reach Karvounas crossroad. Turn right towards Kyperounta and you will pass the villages of Kyperounta, Chantria and the square where Lenasís statue is located. Advise the street sign and turn left. An uphill road will lead you to the peak of Mount Madari. Enjoy the magnificent view. A downhill road will lead you to beautiful Polystypos (vid. the route noted in orange color on the map).†

You can also visit the beautiful village of Polystypos via Limassol. Start your journey from Konia roundabout and head towards Troodos roundabout. Follow the route as noted above (Limassol-Polystypos) as well as the route noted on the map in color green.

Both routes last 1 hour and a 45 minutes.