Nature Trail

When reaching Polystipos, follow a path and it will lead you to a slope, a col or a dell that will astound you because of the view it has to offer. Wandering through the forest of hazelnut trees was always a destination for many visitors.

The community, in cooperation with the state, has decided to name an ancient footpath cutting across the hazelnut tree forest, as nature path. This footpath is 1300 meters long and meets several points where nature and humans harmonically worked together.

There are three starting points for this path. The first one is where a spring is located, known as “Vrysi” or “Kato Vryssi”, on the east side of the village. This is where the ancient spring that supplied the lower neighborhood with water was located. This was the primary neighborhood of the village and this was where the road leading to Nicosia was. All travelers from Nicosia coming on foot or on horses-there was no street suitable for cars until 1924-they had a rest at the water spring and have a coffee at the coffee-shop of Yiorkis Azas, which was next to the coffee-shop of Mardas Yiorkis. If they needed a place to stay, they would stay the nigh at Christodoulos Tsiartas mansion or Savvas tou Sotiri or even at Hadjisavvas tou Kourtella. In the surrounding area, many small gardens are supplied with water; this is where the inhabitants grow vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, cabbage, potatoes and many more. These coexist with walnuts, fig trees, pomegranate trees, peach trees. There used to be a spring with water every ten steps in the old days.

Staring our walk from “Vrysi”, we follow a downhill road on the footpath paved with slabs. On our right and left, there are water channels for the irrigation of vegetables and fruit-bearing trees. During May, the blossomed pomegranate trees carry thousands of little red flowers. Heading straight, we shall meet a small crossroad. We follow its right part and keep straight. We have already entered Paradise. It is covered in green and the sweet-voiced nightingale is heard everywhere. On our left, stands a hill covered in walnuts and many more fruit bearing trees.

Many birds will accompany you during your walk. The footpath takes a turn towards the northeast. Grass and wildflowers are seen everywhere. It is a true paradise, with wild flowers such as cyclamens, violets and trees such as apple trees, peach trees and hazelnut trees, whose trunks are filled with a kind of wildflower known as “Virgin Mary’s tears” that has a unique scent and is seen at the beginning of spring. We are approaching the creek of “Makrouli”. A huge walnut tree stands right next to it. We follow a small uphill road. On our right and left we can see almond trees and if it is March their scent will enchant us. We have reached the end of the footpath and the small square at the end of small roadway. The cherry and apple trees of mrs. Vgenio and the oak tree of Marikkou are right in front of us.

We shall take a rest for a few minutes and then take the same footpath leading to the crossroad. We take a downhill road and see the three ancient olive trees that have been standing there since the Venetians were occupying the island. These blessed trees have been standing there for centuries. Thousand of wildflowers blossom under their shade and many birds sing while sitting on their branches.

We keep our downhill route and we see the water channel irrigating the hazelnut trees of Saint Nicolas, the protector of the village. One can see water snakes here.

Flora and fauna are to be seen here in all their magnitudes. The soil here is deep and rich and the valleys are covered in grass. We pass from the creek of Saint Andreas and we take an uphill road towards the exit from Paradise. We reach the huge oak tree of Hadjimathaios that has been here for many decades. It is estimated to be more than 840 years old and has been wounded by lightning but still stands proudly. Birds and butterflies find their home on the old oak.   

We shall take a rest and breathe fresh air, the birds are singing and the nightingale is the lead singer. The view from the point of the oak tree is amazing. One can enjoy the majesty of the hazelnut forest and the valley.

We have to take off, but is it certain that we shall return.

The biotope of Polystipos is wonderful and has enchanted us.

Each visit had many unforgettable and unique experiences to offer, knowledge, respect for the environment and the divine Creator and offers rest, serenity and renews our “eyes, body, spirit and soul”.